Welcome to the homepage of the
Laboratory of Chemical Cybernetics!

The laboratory is a part of Department of Physical Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Professor Alexander V. Nemukhin is currently a Director of the laboratory.

A brief history of the laboratory can be found here.

Recently published papers are listed on the page of publications.

The weekly seminar discussions cover reports about current results of researchers and students of the laboratory, developing projects for further work, presenting reviews of the latest publications. On a regular basis, we welcome our guests from other research groups.
The seminars are free to visit for everyone. However, those who don’t have a student’s card or a pass to the MSU buildings are kindly asked to let us know in advance about their wish to come. Besides, there is a possibility to offer yourself as a guest speaker for a seminar. If you think that your scientific activity would be interesting to the Laboratory of Chemical Cybernetics, you are encouraged to contact the Director of the laboratory.
The venue is the computer classroom, entrance from the semi-basement floor.